The Scariest Thing You’ll Ever Do is Probably the Only Thing You Should Do

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Imagine you could measure the likelihood of your success by measuring your comfort zone. 

I'm going to get uncomfortably honest here and let you in on a secret. For years, I struggled with stage anxiety. Anytime I had to talk on stage between songs, my hands would get really sweaty and I'd. just. freeze. I'd get so embarrassed, and frustrated with myself. All I wanted to do was just sing my songs, and there's nothing wrong with that. But, I wanted to keep singing to more people, and be able to share the songs in a more personal way. I knew that being able to talk a little about a song, or share a story on stage would really help me connect better with an audience.

So, in front of a sold out crowd in Boston, I did something drastic. I told my first story from stage. It was incredibly uncomfortable and far from perfect, but since taking that first step, it's gotten easier. Honestly, I still get nervous when I have to talk on stage, but the more I push my comfort zone, the more I'm able to expand into that. And you know what? When I started getting uncomfortable, my career really started to grow. 

I don't think that's a coincidence. 

I've been thinking about comfort zones lately because I am currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign, which is confronting and so uncomfortable that it took me months just get up the guts to launch it.

At this point, I am at 56%, and I do not know if I will make my goal, but I do know this: 

It is the best risk I have ever taken. 

While I was putting all the pieces of my crowdfunding campaign together and freaking out about whether or not I would have the guts to go ahead and do it, I came across a TED Talk (remember those!) by a guy named Marcus Taylor, who is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and founded The Musicians’ Guide UK. 

It starts like this: If you had never done anything that makes you nervous, where would you be right now? 

There are so many amazing things about this TED talk, and I have watched it multiple times to keep my own morale up through my crowdfunding campaign.

My favorite parts are: 

  • “If you want something you don’t already have, you have to do something you haven’t already done.” 

  • “We all have this comfort zone, which determines what we believe we can and can’t do, and if you are not being proactive in pushing your boundaries and getting outside of your comfort zone, you are effectively SURRENDERING all of the possibilities that exist outside of your comfort zone.” 

  • “There is a correlation between how much we get out of our comfort zone and how successful we become.”

If this does not convince you to take a serious risk this year, nothing will. 

So I challenge you to do something this coming year that is way outside of your comfort zone.

Here's to getting uncomfortable and getting success!


(p.s. join my crowdfunding effort via Kickstarter HERE.)

Beth Bombara